Winter is here !!!

Wow talk about a season change just so all of a sudden. I was still enjoying the last bit of the heat and now its all gone, sad for days. On the BRIGHT side , we can always look forward to the fashion part (my favorite), hot chocolate, movies and some cuddles.
A change of season is always exciting for me, as it represents something new, something being born. I surly appreciate our winters a lot more now than ever, as I had the opportunity to travel to Canada in 2013 during their winter months and let’s say it’s not for the brave hearted. It’s bitterly cold and the snow is something to get used to BUT what an experience, one I will never forget. From frozen fingers to frozen toes… the more layers i had on, the colder I felt. What really shocked me was the frozen taps and the fact that you can leave your food in the garage , serves as a fridge during winter LOL.
None the less , lets enjoy winter and make the most of it and thank God for a roof over your head!
Some pics of my trip to Niagara falls – frozen falls

1609610_10202843044014951_155432577_n  1532098_10202846219534337_596827941_n 1505284_10202846224614464_1490912942_n 484809_10202819064655482_857741428_n 149327_10202846231494636_194630554_n 10194_10202846229774593_901888806_n

Stay warm this winter beyoutiful people

1 Corinthians 13 Love never gives up


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