What Inspires You?

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camel coat
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H&M coat; Mr P long sleeve t shirt; PnP jeans; Forever 21 boots & hat; Aldo watch; Cotton On sunglasses; bandana (old); Polyvore bag (online); Chanel lipstick(gifted)
What inspires you is the question I pose on the blog today? With everyone being so busy these days, do we really sit back and reflect on what inspires us to be better and to do better.
I have been glued to the Fashion Bloggers Episodes lately just to get some inspiration in the blogging world. The show is based on four Australian fashion bloggers that share their day to day style and what blogging is all about. The other day I came across one of Zanita’s fashion posts (who is part of the show) on how to start an amazing fashion blog and what inspired her. She had about eight points that were very vital when starting one. What really stood out for me was that good pictures are important and being yourself is always best. These two points speak volumes because we need to be the best in what we do without having to copy someone else and to have good quality pictures (I am working on it).  Prior to starting the blog I was inspired by many other bloggers who motivated me to start my own. I keep saying to myself it’s a work in progress and will keep getting better. TD Jakes says it so well; one needs to feed your gift, what are you doing to feed your gift? I have been blogging for a couple months now and draw my inspiration from the people around me, our local and intentional bloggers, my city and by travelling, which is basically anything and everything. This has given me a hunger to want to know more and learn more about the fashion industry.
Exercise your gift ♥
My favorite place to be is the park, just being free and letting me creative juices flow. In the post today I am wearing my camel coat which has become my uniform this winter lol, basically goes with just anything and everything. So for those that are planning on purchasing one or have one, here are some looks that may help with styling yours.

Luke 1:45 And blessed is she who believed that was spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.

Be free to comment , would be happy to know what inspires you ♥

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