Swap In The CITY

swap party
the decor – white and black with a touch of gold & pink.
swap party
the drinks table
swap party
food table
swap party
the ladies setting up

swap party

swap party
all the ladies waiting patiently
Special guest/blogger, Lauren speaking to the ladies! Follow her on allaboutthatbass.wordpress
Special guest/blogger, Lauren speaking to the ladies! Follow her on
swap party
the excitement on their faces!


swap party

swap party
Honoured to have had my primary school friend attend the swap – Mrs Rogero
swap party
this beautiful tulle skirt was made by Roxanne Green , soon to fashion designer.

This past weekend I hosted my very first swap party, after talking about having one for almost 2 years (yes 2 years). What a magical experience hosting about 30 ladies, everything I had envisioned came to pass. My first experience of a swap party was about 3 years ago in Dubai, when I was invited by a friend of mine. There wasn’t much excitement as I didn’t really know what it entailed but then again anything for a get together. My best friend and I had arrived late, so missed the whole swap but just the idea behind it was so awesome and thought I had to have one of my own. My sister can bear witness to the amount of times I spoke about having one and probably thought I was all talk and no action lol. With starting the blog I figured that the time was right as I had built more confidence in myself to host one and  to speak in front of 30 ladies. With the help of my sisters we planned for about 2 months and the day eventually came and turned out phenomenal. All the ladies came well prepared with their items and were super excited about the event. I couldn’t believe the amount of items that the ladies brought but by the time the swap was done most of the items were gone. I can definitely say it was a major success (feeling proud of myself).  I will be donating the rest of the items to a woman’s home, so if anyone knows of one in the Johannesburg area, please do let me know. I would like to say thanks again to all my beYOUtiful ladies for participating and just enjoying the day connecting with others, hope you made some new friends.

I have attached a video of how excited they all were when we started the swap.

If you are interested in a swap or would like me to help set one up, feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to assist.



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