Taking a trip down memory lane …

One of the many things I love doing, is travelling. I started my travel journey at the age of 21 and boy was it an experience of a life time. I haven’t traveled as much as I would like to, but looking forward to travelling with my partner in the future.

As many of you may know, I lived in Dubai for a period of 4 years on and off. The first year was very exciting and also challenging in terms of a new country, new culture and meeting new people from all across the globe. I’m grateful that I was able to travel with other fellow South Africans, almost taking a piece of home with me. It took about 6 months to really get over my home-sickness but thanks to technology it sure made it a lot easier. Once I settled in I was good to go, but still didn’t have that home feeling, especially when weekends started on a Friday and the week starting on a Monday ( felt really odd).The weather was something to get used to because in the summer months once you out the door your sunglasses would start misting up and you all drained in perspiration but thank goodness for AC. I met the most amazing people and had an experience that I will never forget, one that money can’t buy. Eventually my year was up and felt that it was time to come home.  After returning home I just couldn’t get settled in, that convenience that I once had was no longer available and figured it was time to go back and in my head it was going to be for good this time. I had then gone back for a period of 3 years straight, having the opportunity to work in the tallest building in world, the Burj Khalifa at the Armani Hotel. This time around I had an idea of what the place was all about, so kinda worked in my favor, especially when getting around.  Being part of the opening team for both the hotel and the building was no joke but thoroughly rewarding, definitely one of my most proudest moments. I met two of my closest friends from there, one being my best friend and still up today we keep in contact. In my last year I had a sudden urge to come back home and start over. I longed for stability and my family and knew at that point that my time away from home was done.  The saddest part was leaving my friends behind because they became like my family.

I am hoping that one day I will return ♥  

Just a few of the very special moments captured on my journey abroad.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Al Arab
City Tour bus
Wild Wadi water park
A Mexican themed party with my bestie – Ola’
Sad to say I missed the 2010 world cup in my country, SA but celebrated in spirit.
Some of the amazing people I have met.
Desert Safari
My 25th Birthday on a yacht.


Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
Trying out the local dresses.

Isaiah 40:31 ‘Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’

By the way the pictures taken were not off the internet, all had been captured by myself &  close friends.

Thanks for stopping by.




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