RoadTrip to Pretoria 

For those that know me, they would know that I LOVE road trips hehe. My best friend Nina can relate to this, as I would often ask her to take me on one, of which she eventually did, just to keep me quiet lol. A friend of mine had asked if Nate and I would like to join her for the Jacaranda Spring walk in Pretoria this past weekend, of which I didn’t have to think twice and jumped at the opportunity for a road trip. I kinda got into trouble for not mentioning it to Nate beforehand, but told him it would be our very first trip to PTA together hehe. The walk only started at 4pm, so we had ample to get to see a little of what PTA has to offer. It had been my first trip to PTA (well as far as I can remember), so quickly googled a place to see before heading to the Botanical gardens for the walk. Duncan Yard popped up, and off we went! The drive there was so therapeutic, after all the buildings came dozens of trees. My exact words to Nate were, “I can’t believe how green PTA really is and so HOT, wow!” Arriving at our destination felt like we were heading into little Italy, so many cafes, restaurants and vintage shops all under one roof. I will always refer some places to parts of Europe because I’m such a sucker for travelling and Europe is top of my list of places to see. For now though I am enjoying beautiful South Africa because there’s no place like it ♥


Ephesians 3:20 God has more in store for you, more than you can ever imagine.

photo cred: Nathan Goodall




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