Scarfs & Skirts


With fashion constantly evolving, I just had to try out the head scarf, also known as a head wrap or what we like to call here in South Africa, a doek. I never thought the day would come where I would be confident enough to leave the house with a scarf on my head, only because it was known for our ‘colored’ moms, aunties and grannies to be wearing them back in their days. To be honest I have tried so many times and will all attempts ending in a fail, I just didn’t bother again. Being on the blogging scene and seeing so many other bloggers rock their scarfs/doeks, I couldn’t help but give it another try. This time around was slightly different only because I did not have an outfit for our Heritage day service held at our church this past Sunday, so the pressure was definitely on to put something together. Sooo, this is where the whole scarf came in to play. I played around with it and voilà; I got a head wrap lol.

For those that are interested in how I have tied my scarf/doek, keep your eyes and ears open for a tutorial coming to the blog soon or you may Google like I did because to be honest it was pretty simple.


With stripes still being my favorite this season, I have paired this stripe t-shirt with a beautiful denim skirt I picked up at a vintage store in Braamfontein. Adding this Aztec scarf I borrowed from my sister (yes we share clothes sometimes) for a more retro kinda look.

Mr Price t-shirt & shoes; Vintage Store skirt; New Look bag; Cotton On sunglasses; Sisters scarf; Avon lipstick

Psalm 20:4 May He grant your heart’s desire; may He bring all your plans to pass.




3 comments on “Scarfs & Skirts

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