Closet Sale!

Oh boy am I exited to for my first closet sale and only because I have been inspired by MrsRogero, that less is more!

 I have been holding on to these pieces for dear life but now it’s time to let them go. One of my pet peeves is holding onto clothing, so tend to clear out my closet at least every 6 months. These items are in very good condition, I just haven’t worn them in a while and some are a size too small, hence the excuse to have a sale.

So here goes…
  Forever 21 shirt @ R60 – size M


3Mr Price shirt @ R60 – size S

Mr Price crop top @ R60 – size M

  Forever 21 dress @R100 – size XS

 Forever 21 dress @ R150 – size M

 Forever 21 dress @ R150 – size M  Mr Price dress @ R100 – size S

  Zara lace dress @ R250 – size S

IMG_2025Zara dress @ R250 – size M

IMG_1877Mr P Dungaree @ R100 – size

  Mr Price army jeans @R80 – size 30

 Mr Price jeans @R80 – size 30

 Mr Price jeans  @R80 – size 30


Forever 21 pants @ R80 – size M

FullSizeRenderSpring shoes @ R150 -size 38 (5)

IMG_1876New Look shoes @ R150 -size 38 (5)


Legit shoes @ R100 – size 37 (4)

The End!

Please pop me an email if you are interested in any of the items.

Please note that these items are sold within the Johannesburg area only!

Happy Shopping!



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