White Pinafore Dress

Hello there…

So in one of my previous posts I mentioned how anything white is not really a friend of mine but may have to take that statement back because I have been stocking up on a few white pieces lately. Like this white pinafore dress I purchased from Mr P fashion a couple of weeks back. This dress is perfect for a summer’s day and I love the fact that I don’t have to be concerned about any undergarment exposure or sucking in my belly because the material is 100% cotton, which means it is thick enough not to see through. The v-neckline with the tie detail is pure perfection, definitely my favorite part of the dress. I have paired this dress with a pair of pretty brown sandals and this beautiful bright yellow bag that I have been trying to resell from Avon but glad I finally made some good use out of it.

Note to self: Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

This dress is still available here on the Mr P online site, with a few of my other fashion favorites.

 Mr P dress and sunglasses; Legit shoes; Avon bag; MMJ watch

Psalm 39:7  – My only hope is in you. 

Have a bright and beautiful day!



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