Polka Dot Shirts & Button Up Skirts 


I get so excited when there’s an outfit on Pinterest that I really like and find the exact same items in one of my favourite stores Mr Price. I have heard so many ladies mention how they don’t like shopping at Mr Price only because everyone might have the exact same pieces. I beg to differ on that statement only because it’s very rare that I bump into someone with the exact same outfit and if they did its ok, I carry an extra change of clothing anyway LOL.

In today’s post I am wearing this beautiful polka dot shirt, paired with what is still trending, the A-line button up skirt. I can’t help but love the ruffle layered detail at the top of the shirt. In this heat I am still going for light weight breathable pieces.

Please excuse the awkward poses hehe.

Mr P shirt & skirt; Edgars shoes & bag; Cotton On sunglasses

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.




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