Happy Birthday to Me …


First of all I would like wish all the November babies a HAPPY Birthday!

So it’s finally my BIRTHDAY (well it was yesterday) and for the first time there was no count down and no marathon. Could it be that I’m growing older? I should hope not because I love birthdays and start planning at least 6 months in advance leaving no room for surprises (sorry Nate). I kinda freaked out that the excitement wasn’t building up but there is a reason for this and will share a little later on the blog.


Man I have heard so many women talk about their age, some hide from their real age and others embrace it. I will always go by the statement that black don’t crack, hence so grateful for my good genes (thanks mom & dad).

I am 4 years apart from both my siblings, hence being the last born. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Some say last born kids are spoilt; I say we get bullied by our older siblings. I remember back to my teens when I would always wish I was 21 because then my parents wouldn’t be so over protective and there would be no more curfews lol. I will never forget what my dad said to me the one day when I didn’t get my way and wanted to be 21. He said, ‘don’t be in a hurry to be 21, because after that it’s all downhill’ (If only I had listened). With just a blink of an eye I was 21 and everything at the time was all rosy. I had all the freedom I had always desired but little did I know that with freedom comes a responsibility of being an adult which wasn’t so fun anymore. Within a flash I went from being 21 to 29 (thanks dad) but ever so grateful to my parents for all the guidance, the love and most of all for raising me into a God fearing woman. I thank God for my life and the many more to come.

IMG_2917IMG_2926Mr P matching set(shorts & top); Cotton On shoes; Superbalist-New Look bag; MrsRogero wooden beaded necklace; LA Girl-Tulle lips

My gifts from Nate and my team.

Isaiah 62:3 – You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and the royal diadem in the hand of your God. 





2 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me …

  1. Happy birthday my stunning cousin… you are so fab and mean so much to me… you might be younger than me but I learn so much from you and really look up to you… stay beautiful xoxox


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