Fro’s in Bloom!

Hello my beYOUtiful people! I guess you wondering what the catchy phrase, fro’s in bloom means? Well for me, it simply means an Afro/natural curl in its full state. I must say that my fro is not quite there yet but with the help of Design Essential products it won’t be too long.


So let me get you up to speed with what happened this weekend. I had seen this post on one of our local bloggers page and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go and meet some new peeps. By no means was I even thinking of going natural but must say I have been stalling on doing a Brazilian treatment for a while now.  Every time I looked at the invite I looked at these two beautiful ladies with their fro’s and fell in love. I got my sister to go with me because I knew that this would be her thing, knowing that she is in a transitioning phase of going natural and goes by the saying, ‘no more cream crack‘ hahaha. If you don’t know, cream crack is that white cream that solves all your kinky hair problems, known as relaxer. Anyway back to the event, which was held at Design Quarter in Fourways. It was a beautiful intimate venue with about 40 ladies all wanting to go natural and to know how to maintain their hair. We had Ginny and René all the way from the UK to tell us about their stories and how they had gone all natural. Both Ginny and René are bloggers, so be sure to check out their page here  & here for more insight on how to style your hair or for some fashion and health tips.  I was left inspired only because I was in two minds about whether or not I should do my Brazilian and was completely bored with my hair. I am so glad that these ladies came to my rescue because now I’m definitely going all natural and embracing these kinky roots. I have learnt that my hair does not determine who I am, so please don’t look at me differently if you see a girl approaching you with big hair lol.

Here’s to team natural 




It was such an honor meeting Nia & Kayla . You ladies are beautiful, both inside and out.

Thanks to the Design Essentials team, Ginny and René for taking the time out to educate us. You may visit the Design Essentials online site here if you would like to purchase any of their products.

These items were in our goody bags and super excited to start using them, eek.


Mr P t-shirt & skirt; Fashion Express heels; Edgars bag




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