My home away from Home

IMG_4536IMG_4538IMG_4540IMG_4537Ingudlane Lodge

Hello beyoutiful family, I admit that I am rather delayed on my blog posts but will blame it on the holiday’s hehe.
With my first road trip in 2016, Nathan and I decided to take a drive down to Dundee to visit my mom’s hometown. Some of you may have heard of the place but in case you haven’t, Dundee is approximately 3 h 19 min (302,9 km) from Durban. I remember every school holiday my mom would send myself and my siblings with the bus to be with her family. I must say we enjoyed every trip until we got older and began to realize there is not much to do apart from eating, watching tv and sleeping lol. Like I have mentioned there is not much to do but if you looking for a place just to unwind for 2/3 days max then Dundee is the place to be. We managed to take a drive to Ingudlane Lodge, Battlefields Country Lodge, as well as  Talana Museum. The best time to go would be in winter, where they have a biltong festival as well as a game drive to see the wild life.


IMG_4544IMG_4543IMG_4541IMG_4547Talana Museum

IMG_4582Factorie dress; Mr P shoes; New Look bag; Forever21 sunglasses


Proverbs 15:30 – A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.




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