Back to Work


Remembering the phrase ‘back to school is cool’, however when you working it aint so cool heheh.


Just the other day we were talking about the holiday season and now it’s back to work, womp womp. I definitely got the holiday blues; just thinking about it makes me want to cry. None the less I’m totally excited for what the year has to bring and can’t wait to get things on a roll. The greatest advice I can give to myself this year is to talk less and do more.



 My Look

I am dressed from head to toe in this casual Friday look by Mr P fashion, feeling like a brand ambassador for them hehe (don’t judge). I do admit that I have way too many outfits from Mr P and seems as though I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe this year (quality over quantity).


IMG_4614Mr P top, jeans, sandals, sunglasses; New Look bag

Ezra 10:4 – Rise up, take courage and do it!

Have a beautiful weekend!




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