Big Hair, Don’t care

So I know you are all aware of the saying, ‘BIG HAIR DON’T CARE’ , which is exactly how I feel about my hair right now.  

For the past 29 years I have been ashamed of my natural hair and would spend hours making it straight because it made me feel good. It came to a point where I didn’t even know what my natural hair looked like because I would straighten my hair so often. I admired so many women out there with their big curls and would wish I also had curly hair. Little did I know that my hair curled just as much and that I had the best of both worlds (winning).  I mentioned in a previous post about using relaxers and hair straighteners, all because we were brought up in a community where straight hair was considered beautiful (the lie). So glad I don’t have to spend hundreds of rands on a product that damaged my hair. In fact the last time I relaxed my hair was in 2013 and that’s when my hair started falling out. I literally had a huge piece that was broken off at the root and that was when I decided I have had enough. I then had a Brazilian done a year later. My hair felt amazing but was left limp, no volume and no nothing. I loved that I was still able to manage my hair and that even when it grew out my texture was soft; unlike how coarse the relaxer makes your hair look and feel after it’s grown out. I am finally into my first full year of no treatments and loving every minute of it.


To be honest going natural is not an easy transition, especially if you’re not comfortable doing your own hair or not able to manage the texture. I am fortunate enough that I had both my mom and sister to help me manage my hair at a young age. When I moved abroad I had no choice but to do my own hair because I didn’t trust any hairdresser. In fact I felt I did my hair way better than the hairdresser lol. I could go on and on about my hair; the good, the bad and the ugly but its definitely up to you to want to make that change.

 So just a month or two into leaving my hair in a fro, I am slowly learning how to manage my hair and what works for me. I have tried the wet look but find it extremely hot and feels like I have a helmet on my head, so still something to get used to.

I will take you through the process of how I styled my hair. I used the flexi rods on wet hair with one of the Design Essential products called the twist & set setting lotion.


Step 1: I washed my hair and applied the Marc Anthony curl conditioner just to comb through my hair.

Step 2: Leaving the conditioner in, I put my hair into paths ready for the flexi rods. Get as many as you can and in different sizes because not all your hair will be one length.

Step 3: As I took my hair in paths I applied the DE setting lotion and twisted each piece in the flexi rod. Because I had done this the night before if had no time for my hair to completely dry before going to bed, so I slept with it on. Yes it hurts, but by putting on a scarf it feels much better and it protects the rods from falling out.

Step 4: You can use any hair dryer if you would like to dry it sooner and refrain from sleeping with it on.

The next morning I took mine out and got effortless results. My hair felt light and had great bounce, which I never experience when my hair is in a wet look.


Design Essentials is an American brand, however they are now sold in South Africa at various salons all around. They also have an online site here with South African prices, so you may purchase online and have it delivered to your door step.

Mr P top & bag; Pull and Bear jeans; Shesha Nike sneakers; sunglasses (old)

I trust that this post was useful and will help you on your natural journey. Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions, I would be happy to help.






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