I Can!

Happy YELLOW Monday to you all!

In all honesty I had this post prepared for Wednesday, however when I heard my Pastors sermon yesterday about ‘Living a CAN do Life’, I just got all excited because its exactly what I had prepared writing down on Friday evening . The confirmation I received left me in awe of God’s great work in my life.


I have been faced with so many fears, doubts, challenges but most of all with the word I can’t. It bothered me that I would use the word so often, without even given the task or whatever it was a try. I put so many things off and felt there may have been a huge delay in the things I wanted to accomplish because of a simple word. We are taught over and over to use the word I can or perhaps not speak death over what we can achieve. Do you ever think what would have happened if you had said the word I CAN for the first time, where would you have ended up or the outcome thereof? In the past two years I have achieved so much more than what I have in the past few years of my twenties. I had to make a decision to be a winner, a leader and someone that wasn’t going to give up without trying. My biggest fear was driving; I would stare at all the cars and just wonder how people got the courage to drive because I didn’t think it was ever possible, until I purchased my very first car about two months back. I’m driving now and the feeling is so liberating to know that I can finally take myself around without having to ask anybody. There are moments where my heart would skip a beat because it still feels so surreal, and then I find myself sitting behind the steering wheel confessing that I CAN do this. As silly as this may sound I had also been struggling with doing my hair in a plait/braid and for years I would try and just fail and then I eventually gave up. About a week back I thought I need to try again because of what I had been confessing and guess what I got it right. I was overjoyed, not because I now had a new hairstyle (OK that too, lol) but because I finally did it and believed that I could.

For the word of God says, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Don’t be afraid to start with the small things or celebrate the small things. My Pastor once said  that small is beautiful and I couldn’t agree more.


No matter what it is that you are struggling with, big or small, change your thought process and confess that YOU CAN!

Fashion Express top; Mr Price shorts,bag & shoes; Cotton On sunglasses

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 




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