Happy Tuesday People!

What a weekend though (yes, I am still reminiscing about the weekend) Sunday specifically. I can still feel my feet moving to the sweet sounds of the Latin music, from Sundays Mexican Party held at Katy’s Palace. This place had been on my list for months now however they don’t always have events, so when I had seen the flyer for Sundays event, I had to make sure Nate and I were going to be there. We really amped ourselves up because who doesn’t love good Mexican food and Latin music? In fact Nate and I were talking about Mexican being the theme for the month of February, because I had thrown him a Mexican party for his 30th birthday last year.

We obviously went after church and by then the place was already packed, so all the tables were filled but needless to say the atmosphere was amazing. I must say JHB has really stepped up its game for hidden gems around the city, and Katy’s Palace has now become my personal favourite. What I loved the most was breath-taking views overlooking Sandton City, and not forgetting the live band. Katys Palace is made up for 4 levels, with 2 bars and a huge hall where the fiesta was set up. The great surprise is that they also sell all sorts of goods, from antique furniture, accessories and much more. Be sure to visit their website here to get more info and for future events.

IMG_5411On the menu ♥


So you know I have thing for doors and couldn’t resist taking a pic in front of these. This little section kinda had a Moroccan vibe to it, with its big colourful pillows as well as the rustic doors.


Bicycle anyone?

IMG_5401IMG_5404His & Hers outfit details

His: Woolworths- Country Road shirt & shorts; Trenery Shoes; Mr P watch

Hers: Mr P matching two piece set & bag, Legit sandals, Cotton On sunglasses


Thank you for stopping by!






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