Hair Days




Hi All, today I am throwing back all the hairstyles I have gone through in the past few months!

I have recently been on a hair tip, trying everything and anything. For as long as I can remember I have always been over my hair because as long as my hair was done, did I feel good. I love experimenting with different hairstyles and just recently been able to do a crown braid, which I am really proud to say I did it myself. I know most of you would say it’s just hair, why the fuss? I make a fuss because it’s what I enjoy, different strokes for different folks.

If you must know I have stepped out of my zone, in fact had a friend that asked me if I always had curly hair? I did but was just so ashamed to have my hair all big and curly. I basically hid behind my hair because I didn’t want people to judge me (sad but true). This year I’m on a journey of not being ashamed or embarrassed but reflecting who I really am.

The most amazing part about the change is that you create a different look all the time, some people don’t even recognize that it’s me hehe.

The best advice I can give you is that your hair is guaranteed to grow back, so just do it!

IMG_5443Crown Braid

Hair Tip:

Sulfate strips your hair from all its natural oils, so get your hands on any other sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. My personal favourite is the Marc Anthony range, leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. I had to throw in my new brush as well because it works like a charm when you want to detangle.


‘Good hair days are the best hair days!’

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