Fashion Faves

Happy Monday Peeps! 

I trust that you all had a splendid weekend and got spoilt by your loved ones.

Just in case you’re wondering if I celebrated Valentine’s Day, I did not because every day is Valentine’s Day with Nate and I. Just thinking how the world has put so much pressure into celebrating this day. For some it may mean something and for others nothing and that’s ok. In fact a friend of mine had mentioned why not celebrate the important days, such as the day you and partner met or your anniversary and birthdays etc. I particularly can never remember what I have done for all my valentine’s days, except for school when we would dress up in red and receive letters and roses from our crushes lol. Anyway, before I get too deep let’s get back to my post featuring my Fashion Faves.

Not too sure whether I should be happy or sad that Fall/Winter is on its way. However when I look at the fashion for this coming season it kind of gets me excited! But before winter kicks in I thought I would share a few of my fashion favs from my various favourite fashion stores.

Mr Price 

These cute off the shoulder playsuits from Mr P are selling @ R129. I just can’t decide which one, decisions.

I simply can’t resist a cute shirt especially with the bow detail. These shirts are great for work and can be worn with either a pencil skirt or slim pants. For pricing information click here.
These pants are also from Mr P are screaming take me home haha! The colour and just everything about it is beautiful. Let’s hope the fit is just as great.


I can’t stop going onto the H&M online site, I hope I’m not the only one with this crazy obsession hehe. If you didn’t perhaps know that H&M South Africa has an online site, be sure to check it out here.

These 4 items are a few of my favourites from the store, however chances of finding the time to purchase them are slim only because the store is always full and the lines are extremely long, so end up putting my items back because I just don’t have patience to wait. Personal shopper where art though?


Who doesn’t love a good pair of comfy flats? I sure do, however when you have a boyfriend like mine, you have to refrain from them because his idea of flats is that they smell, haha. Gosh, the things we do for the ones we love. Nonetheless these trendy flats are adorbs and so affordable. They can be found at Fashion Express, Cotton On and Legit.

That’s all for now, until next time!




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