3 Way Denim Dress 

Hi All! On the blog today I will be showing you how I have styled this denim off the shoulder dress in 3 different ways. I know most of you may have this dress because it was that popular, thanks to Mr P. If I could wear this dress every day I would and still can by styling it differently. I kept all 3 looks simple just to add more emphasis on the dress itself.

Look 1

This denim dress is worn as is, with a pair of pumps. Perfect for a hot summer’s day I might add because the material is really light. The off shoulder detail is my absolute fav because I get to show off my collar bone (haha -my favourite part of my body). How cute are these pumps though? I know I may have mentioned I don’t wear them but recently discovered them from my sister because I forgot about them completely, in fact a gift all the way from Morocco from a dear friend.


Look 2

 This dress is perfect with a pair of denim jeans, for those who might find the dress a little short; you can never go wrong with adding a pair of denims underneath. I have paired mine with my ripped denims that I have worn about a million times and still not tired of it, I will have to patch it up in winter hehe.

Look 3

Last but not least, I have turned this dress into a shirt (I bet you didn’t think of that). This look is definitely a winner because I have been on a hunt for a shirt like this and thought why not just tuck it in. Don’t be afraid that the dress might be a little bulky around your booty area; in fact it actually adds some booty, that’s if you don’t have lol.

 Mr P dress, sunglasses & denims; Cotton On skirt; pumps (gifted); Fashion Express block heels

Lamentations 3:23 – God’s Mercy and Grace are new every morning.

Stay BeYOUtiful 



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