Tried & Tested 

Hi all, so it’s finally Fri-YAY!

So I know you have probably been waiting to hear about the new products I purchased recently from Clicks. I was up late last night trying out my new shampoo and conditioner from the Palmer’s range, so feeling a little sleepy at my desk today (yawn). To be honest with the weather being all grey and gloomy I was not going to go through all the effort of having my hair done however I did promise a hair post and looking at the weather today, it didn’t turn out too bad (well no rain, yet).

 Since I have gone the natural root there weren’t that many products on the market for natural girls, at a reasonable price of course. I normally stick to products that have been recommended like the Design Essentials, however they are quite pricey so been looking for something at a lesser price with the same results (if that makes any sense). The Palmer range was however recommended by Make Up artist, MakeupbyCleo but was told to specifically try the coconut Shampoo. I was a little reluctant only because I’m strictly on sulfate free products but to my surprise was the shampoo sulfate free and going for just R59 compared to the Marc Anthony range that I normally use that goes for R100 (winning). I’m the type that loves switching between my shampoos, so when seeing this I couldn’t help but get excited.

I officially tried both the shampoo and conditioner for the first time and let’s just say I wasn’t left impressed, only because the shampoo didn’t foam as other shampoos normally would (I like to see foam and lots of it). This left me applying more than usual and of course with my bush I had to apply whole hand full just to get the right foam action and still none. What I normally do before a wash is apply any sort of hair oil to soak in my hair, in this case using the coconut oil which I absolutely love. I don’t do hair food but this looks like it but once rubbed in your hands it forms into an oil.  The Palmer’s conditioner worked like a bomb, so I definitely recommend you get your hands on this. I purchased the sachet because I have a lot of conditioner and just wanted to sample in case I didn’t like the outcome.  Back to the shampoo, don’t get turned off just yet, you could use Palmer’s shampoo for your first wash and then any of your other shampoos as second wash because that is what I normally do. I recommend that you try the products mentioned, as products work differently on different textured hair.

So onto another product I discovered while browsing in the hair aisle at Clicks called Aunt Jackie’s. Heard it’s been on the market for a while but you know when you stuck on one thing you kind of blindsided to anything else. Aunt Jackie’s is specifically for natural curly and coiled hair. I purchased the conditioner only and has become my new best friend ever since, literally using it on dry and wet hair.

Please note that conditioner DOES NOT bring out your curls if you don’t have any. It’s a process and the first is staying away from heat and getting rid of hair straighteners. 

Shampoo – R59Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Deep Conditioner – R23.45Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Palmer’s Coconut oil – R52Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Aunt Jackie’s Conditioner – R59img_6455

I have attached a layout of the process I took my hair through.

  1. Deep Condition with the Palmer’s conditioner
  2. Hair washed and rinsed, ready for the curlers
  3. Out of the curlers
  4. Blown to perfection

My hair is left with great shine and smelling like coconut, although I’m not sure if the coconut smell is a good smell for hair lol.

  If you perhaps know of any other products I could try for natural hair, please do let me know.

Stay BeYOUtiful



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