Green & Grey


Hi There! A little excited for today’s post only because I’m so chuffed at the pics Nate took the other day. I must say he definitely has an eye for photography and can’t thank him enough for bringing out the best in each pic. I still laugh at the video I seen the other day of Instagram husbands lol! Not sure if any of you have seen it, but it’s HILARIOUS! The things our partners have to go through for us to look good, so thank you babe for being so patient.

 The location was perfect for the ensemble I put together, which was rather last minute. I actually had something else in mind but that didn’t work out so well (always the case with me these days). Anyway this outfit popped in my head and voilà! I bought this green bomber jacket at Mr P last year and has now been trending all over the fashion scene this season. I actually recently spotted the pink on Superbalist’s online site here (I need & want). Let’s talk weather! How beautiful has Jozi weather been lately? So much so that I haven’t even been able to take out my boots yet but let me not speak too soon because it could change in a minute. Sitting and staring at these pics and for some reason my knees catch my attention ha-ha. Ok this is no laughing matter, my knees has now become the body part I least like at this point. I blame my mom for all those times I had to scrub the floor on my knees, mxm (I still love you mom).

BTW, how full is my mane looking in the pic below? Feeling like a pretty Lioness ♥

 Mr P top, skirt & jacket; Fashion Express shoes; Cotton On sunglasses

Photo Cred: Nathan Goodall

Thank you for stopping by ♥




7 comments on “Green & Grey

  1. You’ve got a lovely blog and this post is great! I can’t wait to see more from you.

    Maybe you could also check out my blog sometime? Xx thanks


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