Design Essentials Photo Competition

 Hi everyone, talk about a busy week but I’m surviving and here to keep you posted! 

I’m little excited to share today’s post, even though it’s late. The competition was actually months ago but better late than never they say.

So for those that weren’t aware, Design Essentials South Africa held a photo competition in Feb, of which you had to share a photo of your hair and the products used (dehair products of course). When I saw the competition, I jumped at the opportunity to enter, only because I’m crazy about their hair products and who doesn’t love free stuff, ha-ha. I immediately got a few friends to vote, of which you all did so thank you once again. That feeling of receiving an email saying I had won, had me jumping out of my seat! Prior to the competition I had already been eyeing a few of their products but held out because I was still on the fence of what to get first. When I received my package it had all the products I initially wanted, hence me jumping out of my seat lol. Gosh the word ‘jump’ is sure making its mark hehehe.


These are the 5 items that came in my package, along with other tester items. The shampoo and conditioner is AMA-ZING and almost finished! The curl stretching cream is nice and thick, great for definition of your curls. Let’s not talk about the Coconut & Monoi, milk crème! I basically use it on wet and dry hair. The edge tamer is by far my favourite, great to tame your mane, well the front of your mane. Normally with a wet look you want the front of your hair to be nice and sleek and this is exactly what the edge tamer does. If you’ve seen any of my latest Instagram posts, you will notice the difference of my hair, thick and very healthy. Not only do these products feel amazing but smell amazing too.


These products are going for:

  1. Shampoo – R167.80
  2. Conditioner -R181.80
  3. Coconut & Monoi Milk Crème (I use on wet & dry hair) – R196.70
  4. Curl Stretching Cream -R181.80
  5. Honey & Shea Edge Tamer  – R154

Yes I know, they rather are pricey but worth every cent if you looking for great hair days.


Just to let you know Design Essentials South Africa is also hosting an event this weekend in JHB, so be sure to check out their page on Facebook for more information.

You may also view their site here to see more of their products.

Please do not hesitate to  ask me any questions regarding this post. Feel free to pop me an email – or comment below. 

Thanks for stopping by!





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