How to Save Money as a Fashion Blogger


I can’t seem to explain my current obsession with this LBD! Could it be the fact that I can wear it multiple times and get away with it or could it be that I’m really trying hard to save money as a Fashion Blogger. Well the answer is both to be honest and guilty as charged for wearing some items more than once. I personally don’t think there is a problem with recycling items as long as you able to make it work. Oh and the blazer, I didn’t do justice in my last post which was ages ago, so had to really show it off in today’s post. The truth behind both these items is that I purchased this blazer from Mrs Rogero at a very affordable price and the dress was given, so I didn’t spend much in case you wondering. As a blogger I’m still learning how to save (it’s so hard), especially after buying my first car, but priorities first.

I did however come across a blog post by Zanita on how to save money as fashion blogger and found every tip useful. These are just a few of the tips that were given by Zanita; perhaps it could help you as well.

  1. CLOTHING SWAP – Swapping among close friends and family members can be really fun. I had my first swap last year and turned out way better than expected and still rocking those pieces.
  2. RECYCLING OUTFITS – Just as I mentioned in this post, this is a great way to get a good wear out of all your clothes.
  3. SHOP ONLINE, FILL YOUR CART & WAIT– I do this most of the time, however I always seem to forget about the items or I just go ahead and buy them because I couldn’t bother waiting for a sale lol.
  4. BUY OFF SEASON – Buying summer clothes in winter and vice versa. I’m really impatient when it comes to sale items but something I will be trying soon.
  5. RESELL –  This is one is a little tricky because not everyone is keen to jump into second hand clothes and still pay for it but definitely worth trying.

img_7446img_7445img_7447Mrs Rogero Blazer; Gifted Dress; Mr P Shirt; Fashion Express Shoes; Cotton On Sunglasses

Do share any tips that you may have, I would be happy to hear all about them.




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