Happy 1 Year BeYOUtiful!



I almost forgot my own blog anniversary!! Who does that? I actually thought it was yesterday, but glad I got an extra day to prepare because I would’ve probably only put up pictures to celebrate lol. 1 Whole year and still feels so surreal but that’s just how time works, you start something and then you celebrating huge milestones. I don’t have much to say expect that I am really proud of myself for being able to continue what I have started. This milestone just shows that anything is possible if you really believe, as cliché as it may sound. This year was challenging because it allowed me to move into spaces I never ever thought was possible. I wanted to give up so many times but because I was so passionate about inspiring others, writing and getting dressed up, I just couldn’t do it. They say talk is one thing but putting those words into action is another! I remember when I was about to hit the publish button, so many things ran through my head, my heart was racing, I broke into a mini sweat, all because I was afraid of being rejected. But I did it, I pressed publish and the response was more than I could have ever imagined. People cheering me on because they knew I had it in me. Here I am a year later and going strong (I still get nervous every time I have to hit publish), I doubt that ever goes away.


‘They say it’s not how you start but how you finish and I plan on finishing strong with my head held high.’


The lessons I  have learnt in the past year is so overwhelming, that at times I find myself shedding tears of joy because I just can’t fathom how far I have come. Some of you may say that it’s just a year but when you think about a baby turning one and their milestone, being it starting to walk or getting their first tooth, this is exactly it. Some moms may disagree and will probably tell me it’s nowhere close but that’s ok, this is my baby.  I have crossed a level of crawling; it’s now time to soar regardless of the limitations, the boundaries, the fears and the doubts’. I have learnt that blogging is not just about snapping fancy outfits and looking fab but about knowing that someONE out there is left inspired.

OMG, talk about not saying much and here I am giving more than a mouthful! I hope that I have left you inspired, to start believing in yourself.

img_8255img_8256Mr P dress & sunglasses; Legit earrings; Superbalist boots; Aldo watch

Please excuse my editing skills, looking rather bright and YELLOW! Its about time I ditch my phone and get a camera. I will need your help to choose one!

A big THANK YOU to all those that have supported me and encouraged me in the past year, I am forever grateful. To Nathan, thank you for putting up with me and taking endless pictures, even when you weren’t in the mood, I love you.

Here is to many more great years ♥




4 comments on “Happy 1 Year BeYOUtiful!

  1. Happy Blogiversary love. You are the epitome of style and grace. Your passion for fashion is evident in every post. Well done for taking the leap and prevailing – that is no mean feat – I know! Your blog is a true reflection of who you are. Well done. God has great things in store for you xxx. PS: Your hair is just amazing – OMG!


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