BeYOUtiful has Launched!

BeYOU launch-29.jpgAfter months of planning, BeYOUtiful has finally launched! I had the honour of sharing this special day with the people that mean so much to me, so thank you for making the day beautiful and unforgettable.

BeYOU launch-5BeYOU launch-8The launch was held at Mikasa Lodge in Boskruin, a home away from home. I couldn’t have chosen a better venue and so thankful to owners Marietta and Hilton for allowing me to have my launch there. The morning of the launch I was all jittery but as soon as I arrived at Mikasa Lodge I felt a peace come over me, I was definitely in my happy place. Everything I had envisioned for the day had come to pass and even more than what I had expected. We decided to have a talk show literally at the last minute, so thank you to my MC Carmen for the idea. Gosh, during the talk I had to have my Oprah moment and shed a tear or should I say tears, which I had promised myself I wouldn’t, especially after having my makeup done. I guess when you that passionate about something, it’s ok to have those moments especially when you never thought you had it in you (patting myself on the back).

Some may ask why a blog launch? I have launched BeYOUtiful because I want to make a difference and inspire the many young/old women across the globe. I want women to know that they are beautiful, not only on the outside but on the inside. I want people to know who I am and what I stand for. I will be hosting lots more events such as this, for us to break free from ‘social media’ networking and have a place where we can all come together and socialize face to face.

I would like to thank a few of the people that helped me put everything together. To my dad, he literally brought everything together, from the table setting to the flower arrangements, it was just perfect. To my sisters Hayley and Lesley, thank you for staying up late that night to prepare the delicious treats for everyone to enjoy and of course for helping me plan the big day. Nate being by my side every minute of every day, just making sure all was in order. Cleo, also known as MakeupbyCleo, thank you for working your gifted hands on my face, I honestly felt like a princess. Carmen, girl you are really something else, making me feel so at ease during the entire talk, thank you. Lastly, to Jessiecakes for my delicious cupcakes, they were absolutely divine.

 I keep playing back how special the day really was and so overwhelmed by the outcome. I keep telling myself that this is only the beginning for greater things to come.

I will be doing consultations on hair and fashion, either one on ones or in groups, so do contact me for bookings.

Thank you for stopping by!



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