I’ve Got Sunshine


TheFixZa sweater; Mr P dungaree; Cotton On boots

Hi everyone! So much has been happening since I launched the blog hence not posting as much but no excuses. This past weekend I literally had my hands full, from having my first client, to casting with Mr P (the excitement). With regards to the Mr P casting, that’s all hush, hush for now but will keep you posted once it’s set in stone. I am just so grateful for the opportunities thus far and expectant of what’s to come. I had so many outfit posts for this week but with the weather playing up I just didn’t get a chance to take any pics (sad for days). Thankfully I got to capture these fun images before the rain, which was really forced by the way because Nate was not keen on taking me to a park but he did lol. So yes, about this sunflower that has been all over my social media, they were a gift from a dear friend. Just so you know, she doesn’t know that I love sunflowers, so was definitely a surprise to know she got it right hehe.

I just love Fridays because it means I get to wear just about anything and not put anything thought into it. Yes these pictures were taken on Friday, so don’t get all confused about what day it is because we still far from Friday lol. As you know by now I am obsessed with dungarees, especially this one by Mr P! How awesome is this sweater that I recently purchased from The Fix Za? They have loads more like this one, so please do pop into their store to have a look at their latest range.

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