A Neutral kinda Day

Mr P turtle neck, skirt, belt & boots; H&M denim shirt; Forever21 denim jacket; Polyvore bag

Happy Monday peeps! Because you all already know that I’m such a planner with like everything and of course when coming to the blog outfit planning is essential, I thought I would share what happened over this past weekend.

 I had it all planned out in my head, I prepared one look and was all excited because I kinda liked this look. Trying to cut a long story short but I just can’t lol! With that being said, I don’t think we ever plan for when something goes wrong, well because it shouldn’t, right? Wrong! Something did go wrong and I was FURIOUS! So minutes before I was supposed to go out and do my shoot, I had prepared my look. My skirt needed ironing but you know the voice that tells you not to but you go against it anyway, that was me. Anyway as I started to iron, the iron stuck onto my beautiful skirt and left a BIG FAT iron mark on it, aaaaah! Just so you know the skirt is suede (who irons suede anyway), hmm I did and failed. My immediate reaction was to go into panic mode, which I did and almost ended up in tears! Trying everything to take the mark away and convincing myself that it would miraculously disappear but there was no chance of that happening. Anyway, after my little rant, I pulled myself towards myself and realized that my response was not necessary but that there is always a solution. I figured I only had this one look and had to do something! Trying just about everything around my waist to hide the mark but it was still so visible. So I thought, why not create something totally out of my zone. Look I would never tie my shirt across my waist, like I did here because I thought it was wrong on so many levels! The thing about fashion is that there is no right or wrong; you could basically create just about anything and make it your own. In Nates words ‘you like to force’ lol. I was not forcing, I just don’t like to give up. The moral of my story is that you need to learn how to respond and never give up!

You may have seen this skirt before but styled it differently in today’s post. I’m still on that recycling tip, in fact I enjoy creating looks from the items that I already have. Everything I’m wearing in this post is old, expect for the turtle neck which is still available at Mr P Fashion.

Have a beautiful week further ♥




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