In Black & White 

Cotton On top & jeans//Woolworths shirt//The Fix heels//Mr P bandanna//Factorie hat

Hey there BeYOUtiful people! OMG, so the Gorilla story has really got everyone talking, thinking and basically just everything. Not really going to give my opinion but glad that the boy is safe, RIP Harambe.

In other news, let’s talk fashion! How cute is this ensemble I put together last Sunday? Nate said I looked like the guy from Zorro ha-ha, all that was missing was the mask but the bandanna certainly made up for it lol. We didn’t really do anything major on Sunday, besides visit my brother for lunch but you know me, anything to dress up and take pics. Nate already knows that when the lipstick comes out or when I mention how beautiful a wall is, that’s his cue (picture time baby). My hair was a mess and I just didn’t feel like having the fro out, so had to cover it up with a hat, which kinda worked out perfectly for this look.  I haven’t worn this leather top in ages, just because it’s really thick for summer, so opting for a shirt underneath works best in winter.

Sooo, I tried out this winged eyeliner again but just can’t seem to figure it or get it right. I literally sat in front of the mirror for the about 30 minutes trying to fix it but still nothing mxm. I definitely need some lessons because I don’t even think a YouTube tutorial will help!

Anyway, have a FANTABULOUS week further ♥




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