Hike in the City!

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful people!

I have been meaning to post this on last week Monday already BUT I got caught up and was still figuring out what to write.

I basically partnered up with my dad who does regular hikes in and around the city. The reason for the hike was because I have never been on one with him and I thought that the weather would be perfect for one. My dad has always been fond of the city and would often take us around and show us what the city looks like. In fact my fondest memory of the city was when we stayed at the Carlton Centre hotel around Christmas time. The city back then would be lit up with all the Christmas lights and of course not forgetting the Christmas carols playing the background, definitely a movie moment.  Anyway, enough about my childhood memories and more about the hike!

Chilling with uncle Kippie


So early Saturday morning we all met in front of Kippies, which is right next to the Newtown Mall and basically in front of the Market theatre. Kippies was known as an old jazz club back then, named after the legendary saxophonist artist, Kippie Moeketsi. From Newtown we worked our way up to the Nelson Mandela Bridge, which symbolizes linkage and unity. From there we made our way to Braamfontein, grabbing a quick bite to eat at the Neighbourgoods Market. I don’t think I could ever get tired of Braamfontein; it’s like you entering into a different city all together. From Braamfontein, we headed up to the Constitutional Hill. You would be amazed at how clean the city is and also so peaceful over the weekend. Upon our arrival at the Constitutional hill, we headed into the museum. We did not do the tour but we were able to go in free of charge. Our last stop was Hillbrow, yes I said it! We can’t only look at the good parts and not the bad parts because that’s where it all began. I laughed at how we hide everything away when we stepped into Hillbrow, not that we were afraid because we were covered. We stood in front of the hospital that I was born in, Florence Nightingale. So that’s one thing you know about me, that I was born in Hillbrow, which back then was the place to be. It was definitely an eye opener just to be in Hilbrow and to see how everything has changed. I basically hung on every word my dad said about how beautiful Hillbrow was back then. That was basically the end of the hike, obviously making out way back to the Newtown Precinct. Most of us ended up going to the Jozi festival for lunch, which was pretty awesome.

The hike is about 4 hours long depending on the route and the amount of people.

This used to be the old train station – Park Station


Neighborgoods Market
Perfect way to get around the city!

If you are perhaps interested in doing a hike with my dad, feel free to contact me on, carlyrobyn86@gmail.com.

Until next time ♥




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