By Her Side 

Her Style 


Forever 21 sweater//Mr P glasses, hat & jeans//Gofted scarf & coat//The Fix boots

His Style 


Country Road sweater//Zara pants//Hilton Weiner coat//Trenery shoes


Hi Everyone! So yesterday I posted a video of Nathan and I on Instagram, about how we in a constant fight about taking my blog pics. Most of you may think that a photographer miraculously appears and takes the pictures BUT unfortunately not! Nate has been the one behind the scenes, making sure I have regular blog pictures to keep everyone posted. Yes he grumbles and moans because he just doesn’t like taking pictures in general but after some buttering up, he eventually takes them with a smile and gives some good direction.

I have featured him in today’s post, not only because he was looking rather dapper in his outfit but because he has been by my side ever since I started the blog. In the blogging industry or any industry, it really helps having a great support structure and someone that you can always rely on!

You may not have the same goals or dreams but knowing that your ‘special’ person supports you no matter what, is definitely a winner in any relationship (that was for free by the way) lol.

Keep Warm & Stay Fashionable 






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