Coconut & Monoi Review

Hey guys, thank the Lord for clear blue skies again!!

So I received another package from Design Essentials and clean forgot to do a review, so much so that my products are almost finished ‘oops’. I will say that I needed ample to time to get through all of them thoroughly, hence the delay. With that being said, I have been considered a product junkie, who would have thought? It’s sad to say that I have become one, but not in a bad way (I think). Going through different types of products allow you to find which bests suits your hair type, because not every product that’s out on the market is for everyone.


The Coconut and Monoi range is nothing but the best, if that’s how I can describe it. Going on silky smooth and smelling like none of the other products I have ever tried. The size is perfect, well for me that is, because I am the only one that uses it.

Foaming Co-Wash 

So, the foaming co-wash is not really my favourite to be honest. Doesn’t go on as anticipated and just does NOT foam! Maybe I’m doing it wrong, help?


Deep Moisture Masque & Milk Souffle 

The combination of these two products work like a bomb!  It works really great on my hair and gives great definition to my curls. I also had my sister try it, however she wasn’t really impressed only because she had tried to dry her hair with the dryer without the diffuser part hmm lol. So ladies, just a little bit of a tip, use a diffuser if you looking for great definition for your curls or air dry.


Leave-In Nourisher 

As you can see I have over used this one, even misplacing the cap, ha-ha! I basically use this when I apply my flexi rods. The reason I use the nourisher, is because I still want to maintain a bounce in my curls after taking the rods out and this product does exactly that. You could also use it as a refresher for your curls, so works both ways.  As mentioned before I have also used the Set & Twist setting lotion for my flexi rod style out, but that’s just when I want it to stay in longer and not frizz out.

For those that do not want to order these products online, head over to the Candi & Co salon in Randburg or any other Candi & Co salon nearest to you to get yours.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Stay BeYOUtiful



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