Curls for the Girls!

Happy Saturday BeYOUtiful people! It’s rather odd for me to be posting on a Saturday, but I just had to get this post out because it was due this past week already. With work and all that jazz, I just got a little lazy BUT NO EXCUSES!

So I finally went for a trim, after my big chop in December! I waited that long because I have always dreaded trimming my hair and mostly because some stylists aren’t familiar with the word “trim.” I was ecstatic to hear that my childhood friend was working at Candi & Co salon, which meant that I could put my complete trust in her by doing my hair. Ladies, do not wait as long as I did to go for a trim because the longer you wait, the more your hair starts to split. Find someone that you trust with your hair and go at least every 6 weeks for your regular trim.

So about a week after my trim, I wanted some fro-action and noticed that my ends were completely straight, even after twirling it with my fingers. I thought that maybe it just wasn’t my day for curls lol (stupid, I know). Anyway, I showed my sister and she had mentioned that it could from the iron! I was not really impressed but that just meant that I will have to skip out the ironing part when going to the salon.



Natural hair doesn’t only apply to kinky or curly hair! By being NATURAL it means that your hair is in it’s natural state, applying less or no heat at all. Getting rid of chemical treatments and only using natural products.

Until next time ♥




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