What I Got Up To!

H&M shirt & jeans//Cotton On boots 

Hi BeYoutiful People!

Just so you know I actually wanted to take a break from the blog this week, however when my head is filled with so many things to write about, I get all excited and find myself back on the blog! I will keep this one short though, only because I didn’t really have anything prepared prior but thought I’d share about what I got up to this past weekend.

Nate was away on business and I was left with a not so free weekend. My weekend started off with a quick shopping spree (shhh, don’t tell Nate). Guys, I must confess I went a little crazy only because the sales were outrageous and I just couldn’t resist. So that was FridaySaturday morning was rather exciting because I got to attend a make-up workshop by Bloggers & Makeup Artists, Arlene August and Creasednation. What a beautiful intimate setting it was, with a very informative talk about make-up. Who would have thought that make up would be that intense, I mean I thought it was just make-up on and make-up off (hmm). We learnt about skin care, application of make up as well as hygiene. I must say definitely worth every cent, so well done to Arlene and Danica on an exceptional workshop. After the workshop, I then popped in to see my godmother because I haven’t seen her in ages and then had a curry evening, (fundraiser) event the evening. Sunday, I headed off to church and then had shoot for the blog and then headed off to Rosebank for a quick drink, because I really just needed to chill out and recollect my thoughts (some me time). That was definitely not the end, yes there is more! I then headed off to Hyde Park for a movie with some of the volunteers that serve at my church. I just realized how much I’m rambling, sorry!  We were invited to watch Miracles from Heaven by TD Jakes. What a beautiful experience to have the whole movie booked out by KLE. The movie was a real reminder about how everything in our lives is a miracle. You may not see it then and there but it’s certainly around us every day.

Don’t let your life get that busy, that you forget to see the beauty in it.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to follow my blog for regular post updates 

Stay BeYOUtiful




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