Something Blue

Oh boy, I am feeling so guilty for not having another outfit post and my excuses are just not valid anymore, so sorry guys! This weekend I was extremely busy and before I knew it, it was back to Monday, with my alarm going off a lot longer than usual, ah. What I got up to, just in case you wanted to know… On Friday night we had a cousin’s date at the Coffee & Chocolate Expo (so much fun). Saturday I painted my room (well not me, but got someone) and had a shoot later the afternoon. Sunday I had lunch with the family and just didn’t get around to getting ANY pictures for the blog, sigh.

Oh well, thought I might keep you updated on my Pinterest happenings because I do spend a lot of time on there, planning literally everything lol.  I actually needed some inspiration for today’s look because I had run out of ideas for work, so popped onto Pinterest for a quick look (if only all the outfits could pop into my closet) wishful thinking. Blue has been my current obsession lately and can’t wait for spring/summer to rock these beautiful blue tones.

These are my latest fashion pins on my board:

Feel free to head on over to my Pinterest board for some inspiration – carlyrobynf

please note that all pics are taken off pinterest!





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