What’s Been Happening?


H&M jacket//Mr P bodysuit & jeans//Factorie hat//Rogero Style choker//Cotton On sunglasses//Boots (old)


Hi everyone, this is just a quick update on what’s been happening lately, and because I couldn’t resist putting up Saturday’s #ootd. Don’t you just hate when you feel like dressing up but there’s no place to go? Hmm, that was me this past Saturday, all dressed up and nowhere to go, sigh! With that being said, I really miss my regular blog posts and find myself forcing these days because right now all I have in mind is home decor (is that the almost 30 year old in me talking?) lol . We moved recently, so trying to get a lot sorted and the last thing on my mind right now is a blog update, sorry! Wait, let’s just rewind back to me almost being 30! Freaks me out to hear me say that but let’s face reality, it’s got to happen but somehow still convincing myself that age aint nothing but a number ha-ha (Dankie Aaliyah). Anyway, I will have to save that 30 year old talk for another post.

Back to this look though!!! Felt that this biker look is just not leaving me this season, must be the jacket (yes I blame the jacket).  I did however want some colour, so this bodysuit from Mr P does this look justice, if I must say so myself. How gorgeous is this choker from Rogero Style? I could literally where it every day, in fact already ordered my third batch of chokers (don’t judge)I really love them. Just in case you didn’t know, Roger Style is having a 30% sale off all purchases, which ends today, SO HURRY!!!

Here is the direct link to the site rogerostyle

Well, that’s all from me ♥

Stay BeYOUtiful



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