Lunch Date at Yadah Castle 


Lunch was served


Legit dress//Rogero Style choker

Happy August Everyone ♥ 

I keep thinking it’s Friday because yesterday was a voting day for us here in SA, which meant no work. I hope that everyone in South Africa made their mark (x) because I sure did.

Back to my post!

It’s been a while since Nate and I had gone exploring because we both got so busy in the last few months, but we finally managed to fit in a lunch date this past Sunday. This lunch date was a little different because it was all the way in Pretoria, which meant a road-trip, my favourite thing to do (yay). Yadah Castle was our destination, so after church we made our way through with all excitement! For those that may not know, Yadah Castle is slightly new, so we depended on our GPS to get us there, however it seemed to have failed us and took us on a wrong turn, on a dirt road (yikes). I was convinced we were on the right road because this place had to be hidden, but Nate was not so convinced and was really upset because he had to drive in the sand lol (oops). As we made our way back we finally spotted the beautiful castle and we were back on track again. I have never been to a castle before so this experience was pretty exciting for me! As we headed into the restaurant, I was really taken aback by the magnificent architecture and traditional Turkish decor and kind of felt like I was back in Dubai again. We didn’t want to go for the normal seating, so settled for the traditional floor seating, which was rather uncomfortable for Nate but we sat there anyway (force) lol. They had beautiful Arabic music playing in the background, and the only word that I knew was Habibi (which means my love) and obviously felt the need to do a little dance in my seat. Anyway, we ordered our food which was really good, but yet again I didn’t even attempt to finish (Nate says I love wasting) but I was just so full and didn’t even bother looking at the dessert menu. After lunch we did some exploring around the castle, and had sneak peak of the spa from the outside and must say it is simply beautiful. My overall experience was a 7/10 because the pictures didn’t do it justice but I will say it was a beautiful experience.

If any of you are interested in going, you may visit their website here and be sure to make a booking prior.

Until the next post!

Stay BeYOUtiful




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