Natural Sisters

Hi everyone, just to let you know that this post was not planned! In fact these pictures were taken for something else but I just couldn’t resist and had to share.

August is a very special month for me because not only is it women’s month here in SA, but also my sisters birthday month of which she celebrates her birthday today. Before I get into deep about my beautiful sister, I would like wish all the women a HAPPY WOMEN’S month! May we not only be reminded about our worth in this month but every other month going forward! May you accelerate and increase in every area of your life. May  you be a blessing to every other women that you connect with and help the next generation to know that they are loved regardless of their skin colour, hair texture and body type.

To a mom, wife, sister, aunt,niece and best friend, I honour you today on this special day. With our 4 year age gap, I have always looked up to you as my role model; I think I even mentioned that in one of our church beauty pageants lol! You have taught me so much over the years and have really been there for me, even when we were miles apart. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity of celebrating each milestone with you near and far.

These are just to name a few:

The day you left for the United States I was broken but extremely happy for you, that you were able to achieve what you had been speaking about for a long time. Back then we had no form of communication but an odd email sent via our pastor to keep us updated on our happenings, big and small. The day you told me you were expecting a baby! Gosh, I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, but I do know that I almost stopped the bus because of the shock I went through just thinking that you would become a first time mom. The day you got married, I balled my eyes out because you were no longer going to be all mine lol.

I often laugh about your middle child syndrome talk and how you are convinced that the middle child has it bad ha-ha.

Thank you for becoming my natural sister! I make mention of my natural hair journey but fail to mention that you were my biggest inspiration to go natural, so thank you. I could probably go on and on but will leave it right there!

May God continue to bless you and pour out his favour upon you, all the days of your life. I appreciate you and love you dearly, Happy Birthday.

Photo credit: Gabrielle Mixon

Thank you so much for stopping by!  

Stay BeYOUtiful





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