Made by Coco

Hey BeYOUtiful people! I’m sure many of you have been wondering where I have been hiding, honestly I was just getting some me time and kind of ran out of inspiration, meh. I blame winter because I’m way over wearing warm clothes and in desperate need of a holiday (midyear burn out). This will be a quick beauty/hair post on the products I received from, Made By Coco.

I honestly couldn’t wait to share this post, not only because the founder and owner of Made by Coco is a personal friend but also because her products are AMA-ZING! The beautiful lady behind Mace by Coco is none other than Nicole Ogle, who is extremely passionate about her brand and has put her heart and soul into making these unrefined products. I love the fact that all her products are handmade, with a lot of love and straight out of the comfort of her home. For those that are on an all-natural journey, these products are definitely a winner, as they are organic, natural and FREE of Paraben, Sulphate & SLS. They are ONLY oil based with no H2O or preservatives.

I was able to try out all three of the butters and all I can say is WOW!!! I have very dry skin and in winter it is a lot worse, but thanks to the unrefined natural body butter in the zesty lemon fragrance, my skin was left so hydrated and feeling silky smooth. As for my lips, ladies I suffer from dry chapped lips all season long but this lip butter sure worked wonders for me, that I no longer have chapped lips (YAY).

Zesty Lemon, Organic Body Butter
Berry Mango, Organic Lip Butter 
Coconut, Organic Hair Butter 

I certainly had to save the best for last because anything that has got to do with natural hair has got me feeling all sorts of happy inside. I tried the coconut hair butter which was right up my ally and my personal favourite! This butter has some of the most amazing ingredients in it; basically everything your hair needs which means that you don’t have to buy your oils individually.  I have attached picture of my go to style using the coconut hair butter and it’s clear that results are amazing! Not only does it feel good but smells even better!


I also had the honour of doing an all-natural shoot/campaign for the brand, with a few other ladies and turned out phenomenal. I was taken right of my comfort zone, because number one, I had to do the shoot without makeup and number two, I had rock a big fro. This shoot had made me realize that even without make up and my big fro, I was still beautiful and was just in awe that I could be comfortable in my own skin.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken by cityonahillagency .

13767299_506823062850493_7224852075375506975_oPlease do go ahead and check out Made by Cocos official website here and get purchasing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember to have yourself a fabulous weekend ♥






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