It’s a Duo!

If it’s nice, post it twice!!!


I was in two minds whether or not to post the exact same outfit post as Liezel from Lekarma Blog but I just couldn’t resist … These images came out way better than expected and of course the location was prime. I finally got some inspiration after my short trip to the mother city this past weekend, so brace yourselves ha-ha. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to kick start this spring/summer with a bang.

Today’s post is different from the norm only because it’s my very first collaboration with the beautiful blogger, Liezel from Lekarma Blog. I have never done a colab before, so when Liezel mentioned us doing something together, I literally jumped out of my seat with excitement. I think I was even more excited because we have way too much in common (if I’m being honest), sorry that was cheesy but we actually do. Liezel and I became social media buddies not so long ago, chatting here and there and generally just supporting each other because that’s what we do, #endgirlhate! Did I mention we have way too much in common lol, well take our natural hair for one and the fact that we both have the exact same taste in fashion! I laughed the other day because Liezel was at The Fix store and all the items she had chosen was exactly the same items I had my eyes on (talk about freaky). Liezel’s blog has really inspired me in more ways than one and I simply love her concept of a girl on a budget, because I am definitely that girl that loves shopping on a budget lol.



About our look  

Liezel and I both loved the A-line denim skirts from The Fix , so thought why not base our looks on the skirts but adding in our own flair. I kid you not, all we planned was the skirts, so it was pure coincidence that we had off the shoulder tops too, (great minds).


A huge thanks to Liezel for taking the time to do the shoot with me and to her amazing photographer Carmen Fynn, your work is absolutely amazing.

Be sure to follow Liezel on IG, here and make sure you head on over to her blog, Lekarmablog .

Until next time ♥





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