Pop of Colour

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! It just keeps getting better, ha!  

Another collab by BeYoutiful Blog & LeKarma Blog, can someone get excited!!!


This is our final look for our collaboration and all I can is say WOW! My favourite of the two by far! Just so you know, we did not plan this look and basically went with our own style, completely different from each but yet worked so well. I kept my look pretty simple yet fun but loved how Liezel looked in her striped jumpsuit. You all know my weakness for stripes and jumpsuits, (sigh)…

We had so much fun on this shoot, must have been all the pretty colourful houses that set the tone for our shoot. I could have literally taken pictures all day at this location because I just couldn’t get enough of the place and the company of course. Liezel and I literally laughed through the entire shoot, I’m sure you can tell by the pictures lol.


This is not the last of Liezel and I, as we will definitely be doing a lot more collabs in the future, so be sure to keep a look out for that.

Do check out Liezel’s post on this collaboration here and don’t forget to follow her because she is one FABULOUS blogger with a big heart.

Photo credit: Carmen Fynn (property of LeKarma Blog)

Stay BeYoutiful 



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