In Black & white //Street Style 


MIA is an understatement for Beyoutiful right now, but just trying to focus on other business aspects until I can find a balance between that and the blog. I shot this look a few weeks ago and I’m sure for those of you that follow me, you would have noticed some of these images going around my social media platforms because I was that excited about them.


My photographer Gabrielle Mixon did another excellent job capturing these beautiful images of myself in the heart of the city. Our location for the day was Maboneng Precinct! We both have great ideas when it comes to fashion shoots, so this sure stood out for me, as there are different elements that come together in this shoot.

My style has drawn a lot more too street style lately only because it’s fun, comfortable and easy to mix and match, well and because clearly I have not gone shopping in a while. I went for black and white because I knew the graffiti walls and everything else would stand out if I kept my look minimal and neutral.


My Look: 

I purchased these pants on sale from H&M and couldn’t have been happier. I have been on the hunt for a good pair of black pants, (one that is versatile of course) so either great for the office or just a casual day if you out with some friends. I had intended on creating two looks with these pants, however I gave it miss and just wanted to focus on this look for now. Sneakers are always a good idea for that street edge, so pairing it with this outfit kind of worked perfectly.

Mr P sleeveless blazer// Forever21 t-shirt//H&M pants//Adidas sneakers

My Hair:

My hair was definitely the talk of the town that day, with photographers snapping away at me (felt like I had my own paparazzi, lol).  I don’t think I really shot with my hair being so curly, well my Flexi rod set, so figured it would bring the whole look together alongside my amazing make up ( can you see that glow) by Makeup Artist, glambytasneem.


For those that may be interested some hair styling tips or just a one on one session on how I do my Flexi rod set, be sure to pop me an email and I would gladly assist –

Thank you so much for stopping by!




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