Off The Shoulder

Happy Wednesday BeYoutiful People!

So Thankful to God for all that He has done in my life ♥



I can’t help but love this new off the shoulder trend that has been all over the fashion scene lately. At first I was reluctant of this trend because of my big boob’s lol! You may ask why? Well for those that have big boobs, you will understand the struggle of needing ample support to keep them sisters up, however I gave it try and didn’t look as bad as I thought. I find that most of the time we create fear in our minds for certain items that might not suit our bodies without even giving it a try. Same goes for anything else, if you don’t try how will you know! I decided to shift my thinking from a negative aspect to a more positive one, by sticking to my favourite body part which is my collar bone. I honestly love how this off the shoulder top accentuates my collar bone…

I bought three of the same tops in different colours from Mr P back in winter because I knew it would be perfect for the summer. I paired this specific black one with this beautiful printed skirt and my favourite red heels to give it that pop of colour.

I loved the location for this shoot; everything was really spontaneous with the ice cream guy featuring in as well.

fullsizerenderimg_0936img_0946Mr P top & skirt//Legit heels

Photographer: Gabrielle Mixon

Make Up Artist: GlambyTasneem

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