Let that ‘FRO’ go!


Mr P top & bandanna//Vintage skirt & bag//Adidas sneakers 

Hi Everyone! I trust all you BeYoutiful people are well ♥

I am finally letting go of my ‘FRO’ & couldn’t be happier…

I think it’s the first time I’m actually posting about my fro and not the usual flexi rods lol. I must say that it’s a great achievement for me in this time of the natural hair movement, because I am able to walk around boldly with my big AFRO and not feel embarrassed! In fact it feels so liberating, so authentic and so me.

When I think about how I was 2 years back, straightening out every kink in my hair because big hair was considered as having a bad hair day, but glad that’s not the case anymore (the bigger the Afro, the better). They say timing is everything, which goes hand in hand with maturity and just knowing who YOU ARE. Natural hair is much more then what it looks like on the outside, it’s more about what comes from within. It’s being able to surpass every negative thought or word that has been spoken over you and overcoming that by walking with your head held high, with much confidence and boldness.

I have had a lot of ladies asking me how they can start their transition.

Here’s how…

5 Steps when transitioning: 

  1. No heat (get rid of your iron) / blow dryer on low heat.
  2. Sulphate free products ONLY. Clicks & Dischem have a wide variety of natural hair products.
  3. Regular trims to avoid your split ends from moving up your hair shaft, causing a big chop instead of just a little trim.
  4. Moisture, Moisture & more Moisture (that does not mean only oils). Use a leave in as your base.
  5. Sleep with a satin pillow case, satin bonnet or scarf.


Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions concerning your hair.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Stay BeYOUtiful 



4 comments on “Let that ‘FRO’ go!

    • Thank you so much Liezel! Anything just to help all the ladies out there because it’s not easy. But I have learnt that you have to do what works best for you, as long as it is to benefit you 😊 missing you tons

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