Malume Clothing

Hi guys & girls!

How cute are these shorts from Malume Clothing? I need to get me a pair ASAP!

I have always admired African print however I have never purchased anything as yet. When Gabrielle approached me to try these shorts by Malume Clothing (actually intended for guys), I kind of pulled back! However she slowly convinced me yet again that they would look great on, so gave it try. I kind of put my own twist in, by making them look slightly high waisted and by turning up the bottoms to make them look a lot more feminine.

I wanted the shorts to be the main focus especially because the print is so bright and bold, so I paired it with a plain black t-shirt, heels (sorry not captured in these images) and this bead necklace by Rogero Style.


Malume is an aggressive African fashion label born in the heart of Hillbrow, Johannesburg’s most iconic and notorious urban neighbourhood. Malume produces all-African men’s clothing for the progressive and well dressed. With a community of Africa’s best craftsman as our backbone Malume is in the business of tailoring premium quality, customized suits for the most refined patron. Hand-crafted using hand-selected, rare African fabrics from Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania and across Africa.


Mr P T-Shirt//Malume Shorts//Rogero Style Necklace

As I started to sit and think about local designs, I realized we are more reluctant to buy from our own local designers because some of their prices might be steep and I am speaking for myself as well. It’s sad that we would rather support an international retailer rather than our own local designers. Many of us don’t understand why African designs are pricey; however one of the reasons is that local designs are uniquely handmade from the finest materials. So a lot of work goes into one garment hence selling it at a high cost. I urge you and myself to start investing in local pieces, because this would boost our economy and it would also help build communities.


You can find Malume clothing on these following handles:

Facebook – Malume Clothing

Instagram – Malume Clothing

They are also available at 27 boxes in Melville, Johannesburg.

Photo Cred: Gabrielle Mixon (gabby.go)

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