Have you ever found yourself staring at another woman’s fro, wishing yours could be like hers? Well I do it all the time! Not because I am envious but because I admire how they carry their mane with such confidence. Being natural has taught me a lot, one of them being not to always compare my hair to others because this causes you to hate your crown, which can be very dangerous for your natural hair journey. I have learnt to embrace the defined curls and the not so defined ones because it means I have learnt to love my natural hair completely.

It’s ok to have hair goals, in fact its great because it means you will want to constantly look after your hair! Just remember that everyone’s strand or curl pattern is different. Do not compare with someone that has a completely different curl pattern to yours because then would be setting yourself up for disappointment. Stick to someone as close as yours and try out their curl routine and remember to remain consistent. Gosh, I can sure give out the advice but following it is another story lol. Let’s just say it’s easier said than done but try!

There are three ladies that I compare my hair to and often go by their hair regime and watch some of their videos on repeat for some great inspiration (well those that have channels).

1. Pearl Thusi 


2. Actually Ashley

3.  Analidialopess


These are the rest of the natural ladies I admire and follow… Complete hair goals! Follow them and feel inspired.

@ownbyfemme, @frogirlginny, @eleanorjadore & @stylefeen


Liezel Germanotta – @savvyandstyling

Hair Tip: Your hair won’t grow if your pores are clogged up with product build up! Make sure you cleanse your scalp at least once a week.

All images taken off Instagram!

That’s all for today folks!

You Me Naturally





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