Areté of Hair

Hi Everyone! So there is finally a hair review on some of the products I received a while ago! I have been meaning to get this post out last year already however festive got the best of me, oops.

Anyway here it is, starting off with Areté of Hair by Brain Warfield. 

Areté is a local South African hair care brand, founded by Brain Warfield and his beautiful wife Lynette Warfield. They have about 6 different products on the market, sold in Johannesburg and Cape Town. I was fortunate enough to have met Brian and Lynette a couple of months back, where I received these amazing products to test and review. As you can see in the images, I received the old branding but happy to announce Areté has launched bigger size bottles, with amazing colour coded branding to go with it. Areté has also recently launched their new leave-in conditioner which is definitely a miracle in a bottle but will share more about that later.

So I’m sure most of you are wondering what Areté means, well here it is…

These are the  4 products I received from Areté of hair:

  1. Max Hydration Shampoo
  2. Instant moisture boost treatment
  3. Sulphate free cleansing cream
  4. Moisture milk

When I first tested out the products, I got so confused with which was which, especially when you in the shower and you in a rush. But then just as I wanted to make a note of that for the review, Lynette had shown me their new branding, which was perfect. The colours definitely make it a lot easier to know which product you are taking. I honestly love the smell of these products, way different to the fruity smells I am used to, almost giving off that salon vibe (if that makes sense).  Just so you know a little goes a long way! I received these products in September 2016 and 5 months later and I am still using them, even with the amount of hair that I have. What I love the most is that they are suitable for all hair types, whether relaxed, dyed or natural. Each bottle comes with instructions, making it easy for you to know what to do. The price range is rather affordable, ranging from R95-R150 per 250ml bottle.


My Wash & Go, consisted of … The sulphate free cleansing cream, followed by the instant moisture boost treatment. I normally leave the treatment on for 20 minutes, however I slept with it on overnight. I then rinsed off with the Max Hydration Shampoo and conditioned my hair. I rinsed that off and added in the moisture milk. As you can see my curls are left hydrated, defined and this without having to use my denim brush to define my curls.

So guys & girls I managed to visit the Tanaz hair Salon in Illovo a couple of weeks back, where Brian Warfield is based for a wash and a trim. It’s been ages since I have been to a salon, so it was a nice treat to just sit back and relax. Brian had done the whole shebang and then ended off with the Leave-In! This had to have been the best leave-in I have ever tried and I’m not just saying so to get brownie points. All Brian did was work the product through my hair and scrunch, the results were amazing. In fact my hair was soft and bouncy, nothing I have experienced with any other leave-in. So best you get your hands on some, if not all of these products ASAP!

If you are interested in getting your hands on these products, you may contact Lynette (JHB based) on 074 7444247 or Michelle (CT based) on 08225360933.

Until next time!

You Me Naturally 



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