The(dupe)Denman Brush

Hi Everyone!

As you can see I have been crushing over my own mane this week and just can’t help but share the results with you all. It’s taken me months to figure out what works for my hair and couldn’t be happier!


I had been trying to figure out a way to get great definition without me having to finger coil every time I wash my hair, because the process is rather painful. I have watched videos upon videos just to make my life easier but nothing! Thing is you basically have to try everything until you eventually find out what works for you.

So the secrete to my curls is my dupe denim brush! Yes, you heard right… no twirling and  no finger coiling! All you have to do is apply the desired amount of product on your hair, making sure your hair is still wet and then brush out in sections. The brush sleeks out your hair, yet putting a spring back in your curl. Now you would ask how much product would you need to use, I say that all depends on you. I feel the thicker your hair is the more product you would apply and vice versa.


In the images displayed, I went for my go-to product, Aunt Jackies defining curl cream & softening conditioner, adding the Marc Anthony strictly curls at the end. I don’t diffuse as much because I find that air drying really works for me. So ladies just in case you come back to me and say that the brush is not working for you, note that my texture has changed because I haven’t used heat as much. It’s all a process that you have to take your hair through in order return natural and get back your curl.

All of the above products can be found at clicks & Dischem, however the brush can be found online from the hairhousewarehouse 

This is just a short video of my curls, before & after.


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Until next time

You Me Naturally



4 comments on “The(dupe)Denman Brush

  1. Hello Carly.

    I love your natural hair journey and appreciate all the tips and advice you give. Being away from home and on this journey has been tough but I am experimenting with different products until I find the right combination too. I look forward to trying some of these when I am home again.

    Thank you for being effortlessly inspiring.



    • Hi Catherine, thank you so much. Returning natural is not easy but well worth it. Just remember to embrace your natural hair and love it because it requires a lot of patience. All the best xxx


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