You Me Naturally

Hi beautiful people, HAPPY 1st of March!

So as you may have noticed I no longer go by the name BeYOUtiful but by You Me Naturally! I have received a lot of questions regarding the name change, so thought I would answer a few here on the blog. I promise to keep it short though…










Why the name change?

The name change has been on my mind for a long time now, partly because I have returned natural but also because I am not on this natural hair journey alone. It was also time for me to buy my own domain and figured it was time to move on from BeYoutiful, especially for where I am headed. I had tried so many names, in fact I still wanted to incorporate the BE YOU in it, however it just wasn’t working and had to change it completely. I had been back and forth with a few names, asking close family & friends for some advice and then decided to go with YOU ME NATURALLY.

I honestly love the new name, it’s something to get used to especially for all those following me but I promise that nothing much has changed.

My main focus going forward will be about natural hair but will also include my love for fashion and travel, and might just add in some beauty tips.

So apart from my name change, I will also be starting my own YouTube channel, so do keep a look out for that soon (whoop whoop)!

Until my next time!

You Me Naturally



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