Over The Top


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I’m not sure about you but I often find it hard to decide what to wear when the weather starts to change. I’m all for dressing for the season, however with it being autumn in SA (Johannesburg) our weather is still extremely hot during the day and chilly in the evening, making it difficult to dress for the season.

On Sunday I had taken out about three different outfits because I was really indecisive but eventually decided to go for this blue and white stripe boob-tube top from H&M. I paired it with my favourite denim jeans, some heels and a plain white t-shirt underneath. I would have loved to have worn the boob-tube as is, however it just wasn’t appropriate for church. I loved the combination of this outfit and the versatility thereof, wearing it with a pair of heels as I did here or wearing sneakers for a more casual look.

The location played its part too, bringing the whole look together perfectly!

H&M Top//MR P Sunglasses & Jeans//THE FIX T-Shirt & Heels





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