Pleats Please

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet

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Hi Everyone!

The pleated skirt has got to be my current obsession lately, wait everything is my current obsession lol! But on a serious note it is!  I could wear them every day; in fact one of my pleated skirts has become my uniform just because it’s so comfy! I normally always go for a more casual street style look, pairing these skirts with sneakers; however in this post I wanted to change it up a bit and complete my look with a pair of nude heels.

So believe it or not I actually purchased this skirt from Mr Price online! I honestly fell in love when I had seen it because I have always wanted a pop of red in my closet. Most people have asked how I get such great finds at Mr P because for some reason some of their items are not so great. My number one fashion secrete is online shopping! I always like to be the first to see what’s ‘new in’ because not all of the stores will have what I’m looking for. Now you may ask what about size and material? I basically have an idea of the type of material used for some of the items and of course I know my size, so that’s no concern. If I am really unsure I just go into one of their stores to have a look for myself.

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When it comes to fashionable items, you can call me a girl on a budget (got that from blogger Liezel Germanotta). I am not one to splurge large amounts of money on fashionable items, especially when they in for just one season. I would rather invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style and last a lifetime.

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Zara Top//Mr P skirt//Corlette Hayman Bag//Legit Heels//H&M Denim Jacket 

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(Photo credit: Nathan Goodall)

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